Construction of the H Building - SRIA at the University of Bordeaux (France)


Building H hosts new spaces for research in economics, for training and for the administration of the Training and Research Units (UFR) of the College of Law - Political Science - Economics - Management. The building is made up of two wings, one with 3 floors and the other with 4 floors, articulated around a central hall and a basement housing part of the technical rooms.

The total area is 6700 m².

Project Manager Assistance Mission -
Measurements and Verifications on HVAC/Plumbing Lots:

  • Establishment of the verification plan
  • Verification of deliverables
  • Control of the achievement of system performance objectives
  • Contradictory measures
  • Verification of the proper functioning of systems and supervision
  • Participation in the delivery
  • Expertise during the Guarantee of Perfect Completion and Guarantee of Good Operation periods


  • Restructuring and Extension of the A11 Building - SRIA of University of Bordeaux (France) [ see ]
  • Construction of the Darius Milhaud Conservatory - City of Paris (France) [ see ]
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Technical Presentation:

  • Supply from existing boiler room in adjacent building with dedicated outgoing
  • Heating emission: active slab in base and complement by radiant panels and terminal batteries
  • Ventilation provided by energy recovery double flow air handling units with freecooling and adiabatic cooling function
  • Rainwater recovery system for reuse for watering and sanitary facilities

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