Restructuring and Extension of the A11 Building - SRIA of University of Bordeaux (France)


A11 building was restructured and enlarged in order to bring together 3 departments (GCE, APY and TREFLE) and the management of the "Institut I2M" laboratory (Institute of Mechanics and Engineering-Bordeaux). It consists of offices and research laboratories and extends over 5 levels including garden level.

The total area is 4800 m² including 1000 m² in extension.

Project Management Assistance Mission - 
Measurements and Verifications on HVAC Batches/Plumbing

  • Establishment of the audit plan
  • Verification of deliverables
  • Monitoring the achievement of system performance objectives
  • Contradictory measures
  • Verification of the proper functioning of systems and supervision
  • Participation in delivery
  • Expertise during the GPA (Perfect Completion 
  • Guarantee) and GBF (Good Operation Guarantee) periods


  • Construction of Building H - SRIA of University of Bordeaux       [ see ]
  • Construction of ALCO 2 Offices - Departmental Council of Hérault [ see ]
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Technical Presentation:

  • Heat supply from substation connected to the university heating network and production of cold by 2 chillers
  • Heating emission: radiator in offices, fan coils in laboratories and rooms with high occupancy
  • Ventilation provided by air handling units 
  • double flow energy recovery with freecooling function and adiabatic cooling
  • Fume cupboard, extractor hoods, mobile suction arm and ventilated cabinets

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