Tertiary Buildings, the new Regulations in France

Tertiary Sector: How to Respond to the new Building Renovation regulations?

Decree no 2019-771 of 23 July 2019 relating to obligations to reduce final energy consumption in tertiary use buildings

These buildings represent only a quarter of the existing building stock. However, they are currently responsible for one third of final energy consumption and also one third of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the real estate sector.

Who is Affected by this Decree?

Are concerned building owners or lessees, in the private or public sector, exercising a tertiary activity with a floor area greater than or equal to 1000 m² such as:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Health facilities 
  • Educational
  • Sports
  • Cultural
  • Logistics
  • Industrial
  • State and community buildings


The objectives to be achieved are staggered and correspond to a reduction in final energy consumption compared to a reference year (between 2010 and 2018), taking into account climatic variations.

-40% -50% -60%
in 2030 in 2040 in 2050

Monitoring and Sanctioning Methods

Monitoring of the implementation of the regulations will be carried out via a platform managed by ADEME.

From 2021, each owner or tenant will have to report annually their energy consumption data for the previous year on this IT platform.

In the event that the owner or the tenant doesn’t report consumption data, a formal notice to provide these data within 3 months will be issued. After 3 months’ time period, a document will be published on the government website listing the unanswered formal notices.

If the owner or the lessee does not respect his obligations to reduce consumption and he does not justify his shortcomings, the sanctions can go up to an administrative fine of €1,500 for individuals and €7,500 for people moral.

How to Support you?

To achieve the objectives requested by the tertiary decree, the most effective is to go through an "Energy Manager." Synairgis can assist you in optimizing, adjusting and monitoring the renovation of your property until you reach the mandatory consumption reduction thresholds. Our global vision will allow us to recommend reliable and sustainable solutions.

How to Meet These Objectives set by the Decree?

The decree gives owners and lessees time to make a commitment and define an action plan. To meet the objectives, it is advisable to start making a commitment now in order to define an action plan for reducing consumption.

Here are actions to be implemented and which do not require work at first:

  • Back-commissioning, that is to say a fine optimization of the equipment operating ranges as close as possible to the building's occupancy conditions;
  • Occupant awareness of eco-gestures;
  • Implementation of an Energy Management System (EMS) which will make it possible to carry out energy-saving actions in the short and medium term and to modernize your technical elements.

Your Benefits:

  • Enhancement of your assets
  • Control of your energy budget
  • Optimization of your equipment
  • Satisfaction with the comfort of your occupants
  • Simplification of your building management 
  • Reducing your environmental impact

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