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Environmental Approach and Certification

Support for project owners and project management teams in their HQE, LEED, BDO and BDM environmental certifications and procedures

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Comfort and Health

Analysis of the impact of design choices on the comfort and health of occupants, comparative approach to improve the quality of use of buildings

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Life Cycle Analysis

Environmental assessment of your construction projects, with impact and carbon footprint and analysis of all the factors (gray energy, soil acidification, etc.)

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Technical Studies

Carrying out technical studies to optimize the design of the building and to justify the achievement of performance and comfort requirements (dynamic thermal simulation, calculation of Daylight Factors, etc.)

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Energetic Autonomy

Valuation of the renewable energy potential available on your project site, towards energy autonomy

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Approach ecological design of buildings assessing all the impacts of the project, whether in terms of location and effects on the surrounding environment as well as in terms of construction and technical choices and environmental footprint

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